Saturday, 21 July 2018

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo 

The Ferrari Enzo is a very special car. The car is built to honor "Enzo Ferrari"the reputed creator of the leading supercar manufacturer Ferrari. Originally "399" cars of this model were built due to high demand they produced 50 more. further, this marvelous creation was set into production in 2003. The stunning creation of the "black stallion" reaches a stunning price of 1.9 million USD.
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Top speed:218 mp/h



Auction value:2.7million USD (2017)Image result for ferrari enzo

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Sleeper cars

Sleeper cars

sleeper cars are marvelous creations, not elegant or sleek or fact they are day to day budget vehicles or vehicles from the 1990s. They include custom handmade engines and nitrous, sleepers are well tuned and have the power and potential to beat supercars(not all). The owners of sleepers work day and night to make their car a "monster inside a rabbit".the maximum price of a sleeper would reach 50000💲 
Do you think sleepers can take over supercars? 

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(a sleeper engine)
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(coupe de vill sleeper)

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Mercedes Benz G500 4X4 SQUARED


The German motorized car manufacturer mercies Benz is well known for their elegant and sleek cars, but now that era is over. Thanks to the, 2 tone monster which is in production since 2015. The 4x4 squared is an 8 foot tall beast it has a with of 4.8 feet. the 4x4 squared originally started with the amg g63 a shorter and more compact than the 4x4 squared .further the monstres 4x4 squared is the vehicle with the highest ground clearance. originally only 300 hundred are available in America, yes the vehicle is very rare and is certainly worth USD300,000+ for taking luxury and 4x4 sports to a new level.
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(4x4 squared)
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(original amg G63)

Saturday, 17 February 2018

koenisegg one:1

Koenisegg one:1

this car is a beast.the fastest production car.has the guiness world record for reaching 211 kmh in 19s.
And this is car is a product of the infamous hypercar companey "koenisegg".Im sure to thougt why is this car called one:1?well it is called one:1 because its weight and horse power are the same (1360hp:1360kg).

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ford gt

Ford GT

the ford gt a perfect car for the harsh tracks that lead cars to fail its rough bend and corner cutting.
As a matter of fact, it's just beautiful it truly and defiantly passes down the looks and strength of fords signature muscle cars. This is the car that takes ford to the next level of cars now the gt is one of the fastest track cars out  in the market

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ford gt